Preserve a special memory, moment, or place by having it painted.

I am available for a limited amount of commissioned paintings each year. My preferred medium is acrylic paint on canvas or wood panel, for medium - large pieces of work.
I also love working with watercolor paint for smaller pieces.

How does it work?

Let's talk!

Share your ideas, and photos with me. Whether you'd like to have a special place, or memory painted - tell me everything.

I'm happy to share ideas too, and will be honest with you if I think that what you're asking for is not within my scope of practice. Please check out my Instagram page for a broad overview of my "style."

It's helpful to have more than one good quality reference photo to work with (bonus if I can take my own).

It's also helpful to think about where the painting may be installed. I'd love to see photos of the surrounding room & decor.

Please remember when using photos for painting inspiration, if you're not the photographer, then we will need permission to use someone else's photo because of Copyright laws.

Pricing & Payment

Pricing will depend on the size. You can get a general idea based on the work I have published here online as it relates to it's size. I generally follow pricing guidelines for Canadian "emerging artists" that involves using the square area in the calculation.

Once we chat, I will send you a quote. If you're in agreement with moving forward, you'll pay 50% up front, and the remaining 50% on delivery. These amounts are not refundable.

Delivery, pick-up, or meet-up

If you live locally in HRM, Nova Scotia, we'll make arrangements for either a contactless pick-up or delivery.

Worldwide shipping is available. When shipping original artwork, I take great care in packaging your piece of art. I will also add insurance to the shipment, and provide tracking. Shipping charges are extra, and can be costly for larger pieces. If I'm shipping your piece to you - I will add the shipping charge to the final invoice amount to be included in that payment.

ex. shipping charges for smaller pieces (12"x12" or smaller) in Canada, typically cost around $30.

Timeline & housekeeping

How much time will it take?
It depends. Typically a couple of weeks, depending on a few things. I'll make sure this is communicated and I'll stick to the timeline.

How involved should the person be who is commissioning the work?
When commissioning an Artist for work, it's important for the integrity of the artwork that the Artist remain in control of the creative process at all times.

Remember that you're hiring the Artist because you like the other work they produce, and would like something made in their style of painting.

Subject matter that I love to paint, and paint often are:

- Seascapes
- Skyscapes
- Landscapes
- Floral paintings (wedding bouquets)
- Homes, cottages, interesting architecture
- Kids & families on beaches (but not in very much detail - I'm really not strong at painting people in great detail).